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Gran Teatro Amaro have released 5 CD’s since 1992. The first four are sold out and out of print, probably forever. As a token of our generosity and goodwill towards our millions of potential fans we offer free downloads of these four amazing albums (plus something extra at the bottom of the page). High quality 320 kbps mp3, plus jpg files of the covers and booklets. Just click the download button for each seperate track, import the tracks in your music player, burn a CD and print the booklet. Or put all 59 songs in a Gran Teatro Amaro playlist on your stupid smartphone. Or just listen to the songs here without downloading anything... endless possibilities, it’s a gift that just keeps on giving! By the way, don’t be confused by the name Robert van der Tol in the playlists. He is the guitar player and happens to be the one with a soundcloud account. You can easily change it.

La Vie En Rouge (2002)       

Piazza Orphelins (1995)     

Hôtel Brennessel (1993)      

Port - Famine (1992)      

from the archives:

For the real fans we have some rare recordings. Mira and So Oder So have been played live for a few years, but didn’t make it to the final selection of the La Vie En Rouge album. La Nuova Piuma and A Strange Machine are first attempts, studio experiments if you will, a deliberate and at the time much needed fuck-up by producer Frank van der Weij. Frank van Berkel is still the bass player here and Tiedo is drumming and singing. On the very rough live recordings from the Grand Theatre in Groningen Mischa Kool is the new man on the doublebass while Tiedo is still around.

Poesia is Roberta’s goodbye.